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Why is food such a big deal? Yes, it fuels our bodies, but it also provides a sensory experience, builds relationships and creates memories.

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The Food Experience

See this bread? I have no idea how it came out this way, I was hoping for smooth and perfect but oh how lovely the end result turned out to be!

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Imperfect is Ok!

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When it comes to cooking, I've been all over the board. From swearing off meat forever to animal protein advocate, and from red velvet batter on the wall to a perfect Thanksgiving dinner on the table.

I've had my share of kitchen failures but, through years of trial, error and perseverance, I've also served up many delicious successes. Now I'm sharing what I've learned so you can grow in your own cookery journey and serve up delicious successes, too!

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the chef

I'm Wendy. Wife, encourager and home chef

I've learned so much!

No matter your skill level Wendy encourages you to be hands on in your from scratch journey.

- Rebekah M.

This podcast is the missing piece I've been looking for!

Cooking shows and other sources are too overwhelming but the bite sized chunks and passion Wendy shares speak right to me.

- Misi T.

I wish I knew all of this when I first got married!

Wendy makes simple kitchen swaps easy and attainable.

- Mackenzie S.

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